Pink Admin posted Nov 7, 16

Welcome to the Gaymers Community!

We are glad to have you here with us on the website. You will find a lot of information about the community while browsing, regardless if you are in one of the guilds already or not. The Leadership Team frequently posts updates about upcoming events, announcements, and community policy changes. If you are not able to find exactly what you are looking for, please go ahead and visit the support page to submit a ticket. We will try and respond as soon as plausible.

Our Mission:

The Gaymers Community strives to be a safe haven for the gamers in a toxic online environment. We strongly encourage a shared sense of mutual respect. People, regardless of diverse identifiers, are people. They must be treated as such, and the community will insist that members try and be compassionate, understanding, and respectful in their dealings with other members.


The Gaymers Community is primarily a family of social World of Warcraft guilds on the Proudmoore realm. The community was founded in the October of 2015, with Gaymers United being the first guild on the Alliance side. We quickly expanded into the Horde with our Horde of Gaymers guild. Now, we've got quite an extensive community throughout multiple games.

Here is a breif overview for the World of Wacraft guilds:

Gaymers United

Gaymers Alliance

Legion of Gaymers

Gaymers Incorpotated

Horde of Gaymers

Gaymers Federation

Member Information:

If you are already a member of the community, here are a few things that we highly recommend you do to improve the community experience.

  • Download the Greenwall Addon from Curse
    • Greenwall enables each guild to communicate with one another through a single unified guild chat. There is no setup required from the community members. It works without hassle.

  • Download Discord and/or Curse Voice
    • Discord and Curse Voice are voice clients that the community uses. We have two available for ease of access; however, we anticipate that the majority of community members will prefer one program over the other. We would love to have you join in on the conversations, joke around, and generally hangout with the awesome Gaymers Community! (links are available to the left)

  • Find the Community on Social Media
    • We have multiple forms of social media available to our members. It doesn't matter what you prefer, we most likely have it covered! Twitter, Facebook (page), Facebook (group), and Tumblr are just a few examples. We will update these often with announcements on upcoming events or giveaways.

  • Introduce Yourself
    • We have an amazing Leadership Team. Please reach out to both the Assistant Leaders and Deputy Leaders of the community. You will see little stars next to their names in guild chat. They all enjoy interacting with the community, and they would love to hear from you!

  • Provide Feedback
    • Is there something about the website, voice clients, community policy, forum posts, social media, or such that you would like to provide feedback about? Please head over to our support page to fill out a ticket! We will answer it as quickly as possible, and we promise to take every suggestion very seriously. We want to hear from you!